Living in the Silicon Valley area, one is constantly exposed to new ideas, new models, new ideas, new

We stay plugged into this dynamic environment, and bring these new ideas to our clients when we find things
that work well.

The recent statistical study called
Startup Genome found that those companies that listen to and use ideas
from current thought leaders raised twice as much investor money as those who did not.  In other words,
being open to new ideas is important.  Too many companies forget that they don’t have all the ideas and
answers.  Those who embrace new information are more likely to succeed.
Recommended Reading and Sources for Ideas

Business Model Generation, Alex Osterwalder
Lean Startup, Eric Ries
The Four Epiphanies, Steve Blank
Escape Velocity, Geoffrey Moore
Predictably Irrational, Dan Ariely
Drive, Dan Pink
The Buying Brain, A.K. Pradeep
Buy-ology, Martin Lindstrom
Where Good Ideas Come From, Steven Johnson
Gamestorming, Gray/Brown/Macanufo
Innovation Games, Hohmann
Presenting to Win, Weissman
What's On Our Reading List?