We facilitate idea generation, and help you create and deliver products that your customers want  
We engage in five ways:
Interim Management
Qualitative Customer Research
Business Process Development
Team Building and Coaching
Board of Directors / Advisory Boards

Interim Management
Companies often need the help of experienced executives, but can’t or shouldn’t be adding
these people to their full time headcount.  Interim executives  can work for full time for short,
defined time periods (often 3 to 6 months), or can be used for just a few hours per month.

Qualitative Customer Research
Using a variety of tools to work with customers, we help to identify customer drivers across the
full spectrum of a product or service, from early stage ideation to final prioritizations for
production.  We use the latest tools, including Innovation Games™ and similar tools, our
exercises yield penetrating insights in a fun and interactive environment.

Business Process Development
As firm believers in the Lean Startup model of operating companies, we get involved with each
functional element of a company to help facilitate business model development as well as
operational optimization.  All companies have their unique circumstances - our broad
background enables us to work easily with a broad range of situations.  We focus on customer
development, product management, and revenue generation.

Team Building and Coaching
We offer services to help define job and team requirements, and identify candidates  who will
perform best  in those positions.  We always begin by discovering the type of person that the
job requires.  Then we help select the best candidate based on fit to the benchmark.  We also
work with an entire team.  With or without new members, teams benefit from getting insights
into what drives  their fellow teammates.  A team with common vocabulary and mutual
understanding will function well and not waste time on miscommunication and mistrust.

Board of Directors / Advisory Boards
Board roles are typically for longer term relationships.  Advisory Boards can be a great way to
boost knowledge in specific ways, either with industry knowledge or process skill.  Both
Advisory and Board roles can add credibility and perspective, especially for growing company.  
Both roles are also essential when raising money for growth and expansion.