We help companies
create their team, understand their market, innovate and execute
Related Concepts serves as an advisor and facilitator for growth companies as well as
entrepreneurs that are starting new enterprises.

We have the real-world experience combined with specialized processes and tools to help
organize companies and teams that will align with their market and execute with precision.

We combine ideas from current thought leaders with real experience from around the world.
We draw ideas from a broad portfolio, with projects in Shanghai, Munich, Mexico City,
Montevideo, San Francisco and many other locations.  Silicon Valley ideas applied with
global perspective.

Customer Understanding
Whether you have a consumer product or are a department servicing another department,
you must know your customer.  More importantly, you must identify what drives your
customer.  Too many entrepreneurs believe all the market research they need is what’s
inside their head.  And customers are not good at describing innovative products.  Gaining
true customer insight requires more than a simple survey.

Market Fit / Business Model
To be successful, you must have a business model that fits your market.  Determining market
fit and identifying business models requires intentional effort, combining knowledge of your
customer and your market with your team and resources.  

Execution / Team
Most companies grow organically, and it doesn’t take long before left hand doesn’t know what
right hand is doing or where things are heading. The most successful teams are those where
the right people are in the right jobs, there is a common vocabulary across the entire
company, and a clear roadmap with agreed upon milestones.